At MEG Energy, we design projects that minimize any impacts on wildlife.

WildlifeCrossingAerial.jpgWe limit new land disturbance and allow for wildlife movement in and around our project area.  We strive to be innovative with our environmental solutions, to provide the most effective options for local wildlife. Wildlife crossings are strategically placed approximately every 400 metres over our above-ground pipelines.

These crossing locations are carefully selected based on data collected on wildlife activity in the area. We regularly monitor the crossings through winter tracking and remote cameras. The information gathered helps us learn and improve our operations to minimize impacts.

MEG Energy caribouhorns.jpgMEG uses remote cameras to track wildlife movement.

This picture is from a remote camera located near a wildlife crossing on our site.



MEG Energy owl.jpgMEG employees are getting in on the action too!

An employee-driven Wildlife Sighting Program has created a huge database of critical information on animal movement and diversity across our project area. Whenever employees see an animal, they record details about the location, date, time of day and anything of interest about the animal.