Analyst Coverage

MEG Energy is covered by several analysts who provide research on publicly-traded energy companies for financial institutions.

AltaCorp Capital, Nick Lupick

Barclays Capital, Grant Hofer

BMO Capital Markets, Randy Ollenberger

Credit Suisse, Jason Frew

Desjardins, Justin Bouchard

Eight Capital, Phil Skolnick

FirstEnergy, Mike Dunn

Macquarie Capital Markets, Brian Bagnell

Morgan Stanley, Benny Wong

Peters & Co., Tyler Reardon

Raymond James, Chris Cox

RBC Capital Markets, Greg Pardy

Scotia Capital, Jason Bouvier

TD Securities, Menno Hulshof

Morningstar, Joe Gemino

This list is provided for information only and its inclusion does not constitute an endorsement of the opinions, estimates or forecasts expressed by these analysts. This list is subject to change as coverage is added or dropped by various analysts or institutions.