Our students are more than just a job title, they’re valued members of our team!

At MEG, students are given real responsibilities, meaningful projects and a chance to tell us first-hand what they think. We value the energy and fresh perspective that our skilled students provide, and recognize the importance of investing in new talent.

Here are some of the reasons our students love working at MEG:
  • Opportunity to join a highly productive team, gain on-the-job experience and develop mentoring relationships with industry professionals
  • Ability to grow  professionally and personally through networking functions, industry presentations, safety training, field trips and volunteer opportunities
  • Chance to enjoy MEG’s unique culture with access to a number of social events that bring departments, executives and fellow students together
Summer Students

We offer summer students four months (May to August) of practical industry work experience. To qualify you must be enrolled in a post-secondary institution and returning to school in September after the work term. Summer jobs are posted on the careers site from January to February; check back frequently.


Co-op Students

Our co-op positions have different start dates – January, May or September – and can be four, eight or 12 months in length. To qualify you must be enrolled in an accredited university or college and returning to school after your work term. We recruit from selected programs and schools, so be sure to check for opportunities posted directly at campus co-op offices or career centres.


Join the MEG Team

We recruit summer students and co-op students from a wide range of disciplines. These positions provide students with the chance to work side-by-side with some of the industry’s brightest minds, while making a competitive wage. Our goal is to mentor and assist in the career development of every student we have the pleasure of working with.

Check out the details on student positions we frequently hire for:
  • Are you curious about what it’s like to work at site? Find out first-hand and gain experience as an Electrical and Instrumentation (E&I) Summer Student or a Mechanical Maintenance Summer Student. At the end of the four month term, successful students will be familiar with the workings of a SAGD plant and have experience in performing routine day-to-day tasks.
  • Accounting is not just debits and credits! The MEG Finance team includes Production Accounting, Marketing Accounting, Financial Accounting and Treasury. These groups know what it means to be part of a highly productive team and can help you develop strong communication and critical-thinking skills.
  • We have a unique culture that is well known throughout the energy sector, and it’s our people who create and drive that culture. Contribute to MEG’s amazing culture by posting stories on our company intranet and supporting internal launches, charitable programs and departmental initiatives.
  • Contracts, procurement and negotiating - oh my! All of these things and more await you in MEG’s Supply Chain department. By helping source materials, complete vendor analyses and maybe even assist at our site warehouse, you can gain hands-on experience in inventory control and warehousing.
  • Are you creative and enjoy challenging all parts of your brain? Get ready to immerse yourself in real-world projects that can help shape a sustainable operation. MEG’s various Engineering teams can teach you how to optimize facility engineering designs, plan and execute drilling operations, refine maintenance and reliability programs, and much more!
  • At MEG, we like to say that to save a tree, you should drill SAGD! We’re committed to teaching students about developing projects in an environmentally responsible manner. Be part of our proactive approach and gain experience in environmental field assistance, regulatory administration and permitting, environment and regulatory compliance, emergency preparedness and response.
  • At MEG, our Geology and Geophysics departments know what it means to rock to the core! Through seismic data and core sampling, these departments help us find the formations that MEG’s operations are centered around. If you’re looking for the chance to help identify potential drillable locations for future exploration, you’ve found the right team!
  • Work with the people who help MEG’s people! Work experience in HR can grant you exposure to numerous business areas, such as compensation, payroll, employee relations, training and recruiting. At MEG, we know that our employees are our strongest investment and we’re always on the lookout for fresh talent and rising stars.
  • Do you have a knack for technology and always seem to be helping your friends and families with their computers? MEG’s IT department will give you hands-on experience in a corporate setting. This role involves providing operational support for our personal computing technologies – ranging from installation and deployment to maintenance and troubleshooting.

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