MEG employees once again make a big hairy deal out of Movember

MEG Energy MovemberDrawing on the success of their 2011 fundraising efforts, this year’s Movemeber team, ‘The Big Mo’, rallied the mustachioed troops for what would be an unforgettable campaign. The team exceeded all expectations by raising a remarkable $164,355 in support of prostate cancer research and male mental health. The team’s impressive donation was the fourth highest in all of Canada - an incredible feat and testament to the character of team members and staff alike. Donations were encouraged through the MEGMatch program, which provided $59,730 in matched contributions.

“This year’s campaign had an amazing momentum that reflected the growth of our company and the enthusiasm of everyone involved. The energy was contagious. Movemeber was something that we all wanted to be a part of,” said team member Rory O’Connor, who vowed to shave his notoriously long hair if the team raised over $150,000.

MEG Energy MovemberYou cannot mention the Big Mo’ without noting the success of team member Reed Ludwig, who alone raised a whopping $98,349. Reed’s individual donation was the 2nd highest in the world and generated an outpouring of both provincial and company-wide support. In February 2013, Reed’s fundraising achievements were honoured when he and 58 other deserving Canadians were awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal by Governor General David Johnston.   

One in seven men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer, but with early detection treatment has a high rate of success. To raise awareness for prostate cancer and the importance of routine screenings, the Man Van visited MEG offices to provide men over 40 with a simple PSA blood test.  

“We had an amazing campaign,” says team captain Simon Geoghegan. “The Big Mo’ fundraising was #4 in the country, which is something for us all to be proud of.”

MEG Energy MovemberAs November drew to a bittersweet close and it was time for the mo’ to go, phenomenal teamwork coupled with supreme efforts marked this MEG Movember as one to remember.