MEG Energy and partners at Stonefell Terminal team up to support the Little Warriors

MEG Energy Corp. and the company’s business partners at MEG’s Stonefell Terminal announced today a donation of nearly $75,000 to the Little Warriors, a charitable organization that focuses on awareness and education to help prevent child sexual abuse.  

Little Warriors Cheque Presentation.jpgThis donation is the result of a widely-adopted grassroots campaign initiated by MEG contractors and staff at the Stonefell Terminal, located just outside of Fort Saskatchewan. The campaign began in May 2012 with the donation of all recycled cans and bottles collected from the construction site, along with proceeds from the site vending machines. Momentum grew quickly among the Stonefell team and efforts grew to include periodic raffle draws, as well as the donation of proceeds from recycled scrap metals and leftover construction materials.

“The energy and the passion that the MEG employees and contractors have shown for Little Warriors has been amazing,” says Little Warriors founder Glori Meldrum. “We applaud their spirit and their efforts in raising awareness and support for such an important cause.”

“This program demonstrates how a seemingly small initiative like a site bottle drive, can grow into an impactful $75,000 fundraising campaign,” says MEG site construction manager Marcel Clement. “The team here at Stonefell really came together in a big way to support the Little Warriors. These dollars will help make a difference in the lives of many youths and their families.”

The Stonefell Terminal fundraising campaign is still in progress, with an overall goal of raising $125,000 for the Little Warriors.