MEG ENERGY helps found Calgary Police Foundation with $1-million donation

The launch of the Calgary Police Foundation (CPF) marks an important step towards the development of community-minded programs aimed at stopping crime before it starts. Intent on delivering ‘education, early intervention, and prevention programs’, the cause was supported by MEG Energy with a donation of $1 million. MEG is committed to investing in the community and is actively supporting the Child Advocacy Centre (CAC) through this contribution.

CPF initiatives hope to target at-risk youth and address issues including child abuse, addiction, bullying and gang life through various unique programs.  “Research has shown that early intervention with kids at risk greatly reduces the likelihood of them becoming involved in criminal or other anti-social behaviours” said Calgary Police Chief Rick Hanson. The importance of the CPF is paramount since preventative programs are typically underfunded, furthering the need for corporate involvement.

MEG Calgary Police FoundationAs southern Alberta’s first Centre devoted to the treatment of child abuse, the CAC will work to foster an environment of belonging, acceptance and support for children in need.

“MEG Energy has a thriving Community Investment program and our employees are proud that we chose to partner with the Child Advocacy Centre.  The CAC wraps its arms around children suffering from traumatic situations and helps to end negative cycles of abuse, which aligns perfectly with our focus areas around community investment.  The CAC will build a stronger community by supporting and empowering children – what a wonderful way to invest in the success of future generations,” said Tara McCool, who leads MEG's community investment strategy.