MEG Energy invests in educating young scientists of tomorrow

Telus Spark 2.jpgMEG Energy is a proud sponsor of the Earth & Sky Gallery, a main exhibit at Calgary’s Science Centre, TELUS Spark.

As a company built on a foundation of science and engineering, MEG was keen to develop a partnership with the centre. It’s a priority for MEG to engage young minds of the future and TELUS Spark is an excellent place for people of all ages to explore the world around them.

“The Science Centre brings young and old together in a way that creates an opportunity to learn,” says Bill McCaffrey, President & CEO of MEG Energy, “It’s very interactive, so it gets us asking questions that challenge our minds and the minds of our kids.”

MEG sees the relationship with TELUS Spark as an investment that impacts communities positively in variety of ways. From the Science Café, which digs into current events, or the Presentation Theatre, which has the technology to take the love of science into classrooms in remote locations, to the Creative Kid’s Museum or Prototype Lab, which foster the love of science and encourage experimentation, people are learning and growing.

MEG Energy sponsors Telus Spark.jpg “We are deeply grateful to forward thinking companies like MEG Energy,” says Jennifer Martin, President & CEO of TELUS Spark. “Their sponsorship of the Earth & Sky Gallery and the connections that they have fostered within their own teams and communities have brought exhibits like the wonderful core sample display in Earth & Sky to life for our visitors.”

While the Science Centre may be a seed of knowledge that grows future engineers, geologists and scientists, the main purpose is for people to have fun – and to perhaps create a memory or two along the way.  “I have great memories of going to the Science Centre with my kids when they were younger and I would find myself getting just as involved with the exhibits as they were,” says McCaffrey,  “We would explore together and discuss how everything worked and I’m looking forward to seeing kids with their parents today, getting the same opportunity.”