MEG Energy President and CEO Bill McCaffrey named C-Suite Energy Executive Awards CEO of the Year

On February 5th, 2014 MEG Energy co-founder, director, president and CEO Bill McCaffrey received the C-Suite Energy Executive Awards accolade of CEO of the Year. This award recognizes McCaffrey as a dynamic entrepreneur who raises the bar in terms of leadership, strategic thinking and the pursuit of high achievement in the energy sector.

AlbertaOilCEOoftheYear.jpgSince McCaffrey co-founded MEG in 1999, he’s led the company to excellence and ensured an ongoing momentum of success. Under McCaffrey’s leadership, MEG has grown its production from 3,000 barrels per day (bpd) in 2008 to more than 35,000 bpd in 2013. McCaffrey has also established a strategy that defies the long-standing convention that only integrated oil and gas producers can control the supply chain and that small to mid-sized companies should focus solely on the upstream side of the business.

As part of MEG’s Hub and Spoke marketing strategy, MEG owns its own pipeline, oil storage terminal, Canada’s first well-head to unit–train rail loading connection via pipeline and leases 18 barges that can deliver MEG crude up and down the Mississippi River.  

This year, MEG also plans to field test technologies that can negate the need for diluent, increase crude prices at refineries and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. McCaffrey’s ability to generate innovative solutions is part of what sets him apart from his peers.

McCaffrey’s unique vision is supported by his belief that nothing is impossible. “I firmly believe there are very few things you cannot do.” This optimistic outlook speaks to his exceptional leadership style, which has positioned MEG as an industry leader.

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